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 Graphic Designer  |  Photographer  |  Visual Storyteller

I am a graphic designer, I create images to tell stories.

As a child, I spent hours drawing and coloring outside the lines on the floor. I've been creating art my whole life and creating is still a big part of my life. In the adult world, I spend a little less time on the floor and more time with my creativity digitally and being inspired to learn more!

So, why visual storytelling?
Culture, environment, and community - these three topics are my sources of inspiration. They bring me into contact with people from all over and gave me a desire to begin telling their stories. People are fascinating and everyone has a story to tell.  It all started with a photography request, "can you take my portrait for my book?" then it was, "I need a logo that expresses me!", and it has grown into "This is me, how can I represent that in my brand?" These challenges fueled my passion for storytelling design.


Great photography is about depth of feeling, 

not depth of field.

Peter Adams


Graphic Design


Logo and event header 
(in progress)

A logo for a passionate tango instructor!

Including logo, color scheme, font selection, and event header.

+ Coming soon
Image by İbrahim Özdemir
Hooked Up

Logo design

A cute little crochet lady was in need of a logo! Luckily, we got just what this smiley ball of energy needed. 

Image by Anastasia Sogomonian
Image by Ivana Cajina

Logo & Wix site design

Spreading the joy of dance.

Creating a non-profit dance education group that brings together the joy of dancing, education, and adventure.

SOA-Transparent (1).png
Doodle Portfolio

Artwork from current and past projects as well as work that are in progress.

Graphc Design
Milonga Madera
Hooked Up
SwingOut Adventure
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