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Mehndi Kalaakaar
मेहंदी कलाकार
Boise Henna Designs

Robyn is a Boise-based Mehndi Kalaakaar (henna/mehndi artist), she always has the art world wondering what she will do next. Robyn is self-taught in the world of henna design and has become passionate about providing these designs for local Indian festivals and celebrations.  


To book an appointment, send Robyn an email:

Applying Henna
Henna Supplies

Getting a 
Mehndi design

Here are a few key pointers of things you should do if you are going to apply henna to your skin!

First things first:

Get good quality henna paste!

If you want good results, this is the best place to start. If you are getting a design by me, I will provide my own henna paste. (If you want recommendations of where to get paste, shoot me an email!) :)

Image by Mehndi Training Center

Taking care of your Mehndi design

Don't wash it off

After many hours of keeping paste ON, you are ready to see the beautiful design without paste, but don't rush to water to wash it off! Use a spoon or card to scrub the remaining paste off your skin.

Do not wash in water or soap. You will see an orange to light maroon design under the brown henna paste. It will be not dark yet, but don't worry it will get there!

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