Robyn Watson

Graphic Designer | Photographer |  Visual Storyteller

Who am I?

I am a visual designer who connects people to images to tell a story.

As a child, I would spend hours on the floor doodling in sketchbooks and coloring outside the lines. I've been creating art my whole life and creating is still a big part of my life. Now, in the adult world, I spend a little less time on the floor and more time focusing my creativity digitally and being inspired to grow!

Sources of Inspiration for Me

1. Cultures around the world
The colors, the traditions, the weird little quirks that I don't understand yet! It makes my heart soar! I enjoy studying and learning about other cultures. It impacts my life and artistic endeavors daily. I've been able to use my love for art to volunteer as a dancer and Mehndi artist for AID India in Boise. I've also been able to donate, and follow organizations like the Mundo Exchange Thailand and be inspired by how they are impacting their community!


2. Environments
I am awe-struck looking at any landscape around me, and I'm blessed to live in a very beautiful place where I get awe-struck often. (Google Idaho, seriously!) The landscape around me has changed dramatically over a very short period of time, and when I go on a hike I can guarantee there will be trash all along the trail. It hurts my soul watching how these landscapes are dying so quickly!  This has led me to be more active in my own life by trying to reduce my carbon footprint. I want the future to be able to experience these beautiful places too instead of seeing pictures and reading about how they used to exist.


3. My local community
Improving our local community falls on all of us! We all have a way we can contribute to improving the lives of people around us. I've found that volunteering with local artists or teaching a swing dance lesson helps me feel like I'm helping add a little more value to the community.


So, why visual storytelling?

Culture, environment, and community - these three sources of inspiration are very important to me and have brought me into contact with people from all walks of life.  Being able to capture their story in an image was something I fell into.  First, it was, "Hey can you take a portrait for my book?" then it was, "I need a logo that expresses me!" I took these challenges head-on and pursued my passion for art and getting to know these people.


So, now with the world working from home, I am working with visual identities on social media more than ever. Social media allows us to keep working with our communities and feel connected to something bigger. We are all feeling isolated right now and social media is a platform that allows us to reach out a helping hand and spread hope.

I thrive on helping great minds meet their ambitious visual goals. I've helped design websites, create social media copy, graphics and strategies, and have advised on how to keep small business communities thriving without in-person contact. I balance multiple projects, set priorities, meet deadlines, and articulate my thoughts and critique effectively and positively. I like to study and I am quickly becoming more skilled and fluent with other programs online and in the art world. 

Visual storytelling allows me to bring my creative passion forward and give back to those things that inspire me!  What more could a girl dream for?

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